Japanese language and writing

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Japanese (日本語 / Nihongo)

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Thursday evenings pm. Designed for students with no previous instruction in Japanese, this course strives to develop an understanding of basic elements of Japanese grammar, expressions, and writing.

Japanese language

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The Japanese language uses three different systems for writing. There are two syllabaries— hiragana and katakana —which have characters for each basic mora (syllable.) Along with the syllabaries, there are also kanji, which is a writing system based on Chinese characters.

The modern Japanese writing system uses a combination of logographic kanji, which are adopted Chinese characters, and syllabic denverfoplodge41.com itself consists of a pair of syllabaries: hiragana, used primarily for native or naturalised Japanese words and grammatical elements, and katakana, used primarily for foreign words and names, loanwords.

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Japanese language and writing
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